quinta-feira, 6 de janeiro de 2011

Shabazz The Disciple & DJ Extremidiz – Hood Scripturez (2010)

01.The Opening
02.The Kite
03.Heist (With A Vengence)
05.Brooklyn Niggaz
06.Article 2
07.Self Defense
08.State Of Emergency
09.Projects Unda Seige (F.E.M.A)
10.Dem Huntin Blood
11.The Bush Verdict
12.Police In Helicoptah
13.Hood Selassie
14.Shabazz For Prezident
15.Heir To The Throne
17.Headtime Story (Pilgrimz Story)
18.All Who Believe
19.The Savoir (Hidden Scrollz)
20.The Stoning
21.The Sun Of Man Must Suffah ft. Hell Razah & Aslan
22.Blood Of The Saintz
23.Hate The W***e
24.High Court
25.Higher Clemency
26.Eve Of The Apocalypse
27.Brimstone & Fiyah
28.The Closure
29.Page Two (The Sabbath)


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