sexta-feira, 3 de dezembro de 2010

Kyo Itachi – Musikyo (2010)

01. Welcome To Musikyo (feat. Hus)
02. Super Psycho (feat. Wildchild)
03. One, Two (feat. LMNO, LD)
04. It’s On Again (feat. Rasco)
05. The Shell (feat. Wordsworth, Hus)
06. The Touch (feat. John Robinson)
07. The Return (feat. Finale)
08. Noire (feat. Stahhr)
09. Planet Ape (feat. Hus)
10. A Bag of Chips (feat. Sene)
11. Mr. Itachi Yo (feat. Copywrite)
12. Here (feat. Dudley Perkins)
13. Hear Me (feat. Reach)
14. That Shit (feat. Tug Mcraw)
15. So Much (feat. Jahi)
16. Earhustling (feat. Wildelux)
17. Common (feat. Mondo)
18. Blow Your Mind (feat. Melodiq)
19. So Slow (feat. Tha Connection, The Strangerz)
20. Zempakto Shadow Gravel (feat. Hus)
21. What’s It Supposed To Be (feat. Ethemadassassin)
22. Infinite Blackhole (Mo-Shizuka Remix)


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