segunda-feira, 27 de setembro de 2010

B-Real - The Harvest Vol.1: The Mixtape (2010)

01. Dr. Of Death (Feat. Xplicit)
02. Certified (Feat. Provokal, Young De)
03. Crop Circles (Feat. Grand Architect)
04. Texas Hold Em (Feat. Myko, Young DE)
05. Takeover (Feat. Adil Omar, Young DE)
06. Streets Wanna Know (Feat. Yama, Young DE)
07. We On It (Feat. Lost Angel Crew)
08. Gotta Get It (Feat. Stitch, Young DE)
09. Me (Feat. Venom)
10. Money Maker (Feat. Squat)
11. Dues Paid (Feat. L.O.C.)
12. Aint Sayin Nothing (Feat. Flux)
13. Are U Ready (Feat. Aygee)
14. Step Back (Feat. Weez)
15. Get Up (Feat. 745)
16. No Competition (Feat. Victory, Young DE)
17. At Your Own Risk (Feat. Akalmu, Young DE)
18. Reckon (Feat. Acism)
19. Ride Out (Feat. Sikadime, Young DE)
20. Hustler (Feat. Luke The Dook, Young DE)


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  1. Destaque para a faixa 10 que tem a participação dos parceiros do Squat (São Paulo)